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In reference to your aluminum blank, sign bracket, frame or sign stake...

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We added a gauge thickness conversion chart to the aluminum sign blank page for reference when ordering our aluminum sign blanks.

We are often asked how thick is that? 

So to assist we charted gauge measurements and referenced to fractions and metric millimeters.

Also, something to keep in mind when you are choosing a bracket, stake or frame for your sign from our web site options…we offer our items with a reference to the size of the sign the bracket, stake or frame will fit.

Often the overall measurement of the item will be a bit larger, especially if it includes a finial accent.

Be sure to click on the labeled thumbnail specification drawings below the item photograph and research the dimensions to confirm your sign will fit not only the bracket, frame or stake you prefer, but also the space you plan to locate it.

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Turn Around...

At Metalcraft we pride ourselves in personal service , quick turn-around and quality items shipped safely to you for your sign project. Our ability to get your order into production often depends on your actions in the beginning of the order process.Our sales orders are sent to you via email for your review and approval to confirm the [...]

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Finding your way? Follow the signs.

All transportation and redevelopment projects, as well as new community developments, require some signage. It’s a matter of whether that signage will be the minimum required – an afterthought, or will be comprehensively planned to compliment the rest of the project and the project’s marketing and livability goals. If you look, you will notice that much existing [...]

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Add Hardware to Your Order…

When a customer orders components for their project we will often review it and wonder if they have thought about hardware.Metalcraft Industries offers a selection of hardware for installing the sign brackets to a post or pole, as well as the links or chain to hang the sign from the bracket. There are a number of things we [...]

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Upgrade your presentation...

The variety of sign frames available to real estate agents is vast and varied. When looking for something that is of good quality and easy to use Metalcraft Industries offers standard sized items as well as additional sizes and top or bottom riders.At Metalcraft Industries we pride ourselves in fabricating solid, durable dependable sign frames day in and [...]

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Stand out from the crowd...

A wave of creativity has washed over our production team...these premium stands add style to their everyday utility. The Information stand, welded plate with 4 bolt-in holes, secures display of menus, attraction highlights, or directions. The Scroll Top Frame stand, slide-in access for adding your printed sign (aluminum blank included). The Smoker's stand, an upscale look for any [...]

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Get Noticed...

Metalcraft Industries had a recent request to create a sign frame for a banner to be used at a local trade fair.  The fair was successful, and so was the banner sign frame assembly. We had so many comments regarding how the banner got us noticed, we think maybe we are on to something and thought we [...]

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Political stakes are important...

Normally I would not discuss politics in a public post or blog, but there are some items I think you should know about regarding the upcoming elections.Over the coming year there will be many opportunities for folks to show their interest and express their political orientation. Metalcraft Industries offers a variety of ways to support them.As a [...]

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Call for photos

As we are updating websites, product images and now our catalog, it is clearly a large task to photograph our products installed in their new locations after they leave our manufacturing facility.In review of our customer archives there are still many items that we would like to add images of for our customers to see installed.  If you have [...]

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A pigeon and an opossum walk into a sign shop...

No, really...it happened last week.  It is a regular routine for our owner to share some peanuts with the local birds, and regularly the office team refills the bird feeder and bird bath.  We were all a little surprised to see a pigeon hanging out at the front door last Thursday.We noticed him in the [...]

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