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Sign Bracket background...

Sign Bracket background...

Posted by Metalcraft on Apr 30th 2019

Sign Bracket Basics

What is the shape of your sign?

There are several styles of bracket that accommodate sign shapes better than others...

a.  A Sign Bracket with a straight shaft is best for rectangular or square sign shapes.

b.  A REVERSE Scroll Sign Bracket works well for circular or oval sign shapes, it has an arch to accommodate the curved shape at the top of the sign.

c.  If working with a curved top sign, we can also modify the shaft arm with "drop rings" these allow for the curve of your sign when using a straight shaft arm bracket. (more information on drop rings HERE)

d.  If your sign is longer or you are adding an additional sign under the first sign, you may consider adding an additional bracket to the bottom of the ensemble with the rings facing up to snap additional hardware to the bottom of the signs and then to the upwards facing rings on the bottom bracket to keep the sign from swinging excessively in the wind.

2.  What is the width of your sign?

Metalcraft uses this dimension in a descriptive SKU/Item number, the 24 in the item number below advises that this bracket will fit a sign “up to” 24” in width.

The SKU- X-BR DSB-24

You will find Sign Bracket item numbers end in the “up to” width of the sign that will fit on that bracket.

3.  How will you hang your sign?

Metalcraft provides specification drawings for each of the brackets it regularly manufactures and much information can be gained by review of the specification drawings included below the large photo of the items on our website.

You can find the overall length of the shaft arm, along with ring/tab placement. Here is a quick reference to the standard parts of your sign bracket, although the shape and style of each of the parts may vary, given the theme of your message, the parts identified below are included for each bracket we manufacture.

Take note of whether you plan to install on a curved or flat surface, this will require either a flat BACK PLATE or a curved mount.

The GUSSET is an integral component of the bracket it adds the strength and stability to the angle of the bracket to the back plate.

The SHAFT/ARM is the length of the bracket where the sign is installed, and is usually capped or welded closed or includes a decorative FINIAL/CAP accent.

The sign is affixed to the bracket via hardware, whether the shaft arm includes TABS that allow for a bolt through install (sign does not swing), or RINGS that will require snaps or rubber coated sign hangers (best for aluminum signs), you have a variety of options available to complete your sign project.

The holes or rings of your sign will need to closely match the tab/ring placement on the shaft of your sign bracket.

We can modify the ring placement on the shaft arm for you, or you can add hardware that will reach the distance of the hole placement.

When it comes to choosing sign hanging hardware we offer several types of snap, decorative chain as well as decorative hooks. (HERE)

4. How will you hang your sign bracket?

When Metalcraft provides both the sign post/pole and the sign bracket, we can assist you in determining the hardware you will need to install the sign bracket to the sign post or pole.If you choose a round pole, you will need a bracket with a curve mount application, (most of our brackets can be modified for CURVE/CHANNEL mount installs, and you will want to purchase the bolt kit for round poles by diameter. 

If you choose a square post, you will need a bracket with a FLAT back plate application, and you will want to purchase the bolt kits for square posts by diameter.Our smaller light duty and value brackets are okay to use on either a 2” square post or 2” round pole.  

Larger brackets must be reviewed for mounting style.  

Metalcraft Industries is the originator of the twisted shaft stylized accent of our popular Deluxe Scroll sign bracket and it is offered in a curved mount or flat back plate.  

Also popular is our Straight Shaft Sign bracket and it is  is offered in a flat back plate, but can also be modified for a round pole by adding a channel mount.  

If you are planning to mount your new bracket to anything other than a Metalcraft post/pole, we suggest working with a sign specialist to determine the proper install hardware as materials vary and each application will require its own unique hardware solution.

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