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Significantly better…

When I was first contemplating working for Metalcraft Industries, I had asked what the company made.  I was advised of its 20 years as a supplier for the sign industry.

This led me to looking at how signs are made and displayed…

Our mainstay is sign brackets. They come in a variety of styles and are often an added accompaniment to the sign.

It has been a lot of fun to seek out our sign brackets in my travels, on vacations or even just out and about town. What I have found is that I am not the only employee here at Metalcraft who does this.

Co-workers have shared their images of our brackets that they have also found during their off hours from work.

I thought I would share some of them here and show off a bit.

The first picture was a recent vacation find in PA. One of our powder coat people spotted them and sent me the image. It shows a nice line-up of both our Deluxe Scroll Bracket, as well as the Reverse Scroll Bracket.Both styles are complimentary to the large signage.

The second picture was from my visit to MN.  My brother was on the lookout and pointed to these two as we were headed out for an adventure.  He quickly pulled over for me and I stood in the middle of the road trying to get a good angle while dump trucks and semis whizzed past me.  The tattoo shop is using our Super Deluxe Scroll Bracket and the other is our Signature Deluxe Scroll Bracket.

Both are right beside each other. Word of mouth is a lot of what our business is based upon and I would venture to guess these two discussed their purchases with each other at some point.

The third picture is from a recent visit out West by the owner of our company.  The excitement of finding our work in Yosemite National Park was enjoyed by all of us when he returned and shared the pictures.

Many of the images in our catalog were taken over on the East coast - here in Florida.

St. Augustine offers historic streets and artistic venues that showcase our items throughout the town .Here are just two of the many signs we found mounted with our brackets.

Next time you are venturing out, maybe you will look up and recognize our work.

They certainly are not a rare find. I can assure you...Metalcraft is everywhere.  Enjoy!

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Everyday like any other day...we stay busy around here.

Just looking through some company pics this week, getting ready to update our logo to Celebrating 21 years…Most days we are completing orders and building inventory of our sign frames and brackets. The production plant often has unique and interesting jobs running, we powder coat many items each day and the range can be anywhere from outdoor furniture to [...]

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HOT off the press...

With the completion of transitioning to a new website that is mobile friendly and includes added interactive tools to build your sign display, we moved on to our next project…creating a print catalog. You can find the results here on our website, look under the “Contact Us” heading on the navigation bar for the “Metalcraft Industries Catalog” in [...]

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Estimate your shipping...

When you are using our website and you want to know how much the shipping will be for an item, it’s just a couple of easy steps…Go ahead and drop the QTY of the item into your cart.Proceed to Checkout...Click on VIEW CART in the upper right corner..Click on estimate shipping in the lower right of [...]

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In reference to your aluminum blank, sign bracket, frame or sign stake...

We added a gauge thickness conversion chart to the aluminum sign blank page for reference when ordering our aluminum sign blanks.We are often asked how thick is that?  So to assist we charted gauge measurements and referenced to fractions and metric millimeters.Also, something to keep in mind when you are choosing a bracket, stake or frame for your sign [...]

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Turn Around...

At Metalcraft we pride ourselves in personal service , quick turn-around and quality items shipped safely to you for your sign project. Our ability to get your order into production often depends on your actions in the beginning of the order process.Our sales orders are sent to you via email for your review and approval to confirm the [...]

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Finding your way? Follow the signs.

All transportation and redevelopment projects, as well as new community developments, require some signage. It’s a matter of whether that signage will be the minimum required – an afterthought, or will be comprehensively planned to compliment the rest of the project and the project’s marketing and livability goals. If you look, you will notice that much existing [...]

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Add Hardware to Your Order…

When a customer orders components for their project we will often review it and wonder if they have thought about hardware.Metalcraft Industries offers a selection of hardware for installing the sign brackets to a post or pole, as well as the links or chain to hang the sign from the bracket. There are a number of things we [...]

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Upgrade your sign presentation...

The variety of sign frames available to real estate agents is vast and varied. When looking for something that is of good quality and easy to use Metalcraft Industries offers standard sized items as well as additional sizes and top or bottom riders.At Metalcraft Industries we pride ourselves in fabricating solid, durable dependable sign frames day in and [...]

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Stand out from the crowd...

A wave of creativity has washed over our production team...these premium stands add style to their everyday utility. The Information stand, welded plate with 4 bolt-in holes, secures display of menus, attraction highlights, or directions. The Scroll Top Frame stand, slide-in access for adding your printed sign (aluminum blank included). The Smoker's stand, an upscale look for any [...]

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